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 What is The Morry Method?
Article “The Morry Method” uses a proprietary protocol developed for presenting various stimuli to the brain and mind. The end result of this method is much “softer” on the brain/body system and offers a more natural incorporation of the “brain beats” (with their associated benefits) as well as any presented information (i.e. meditations, hypnosis, affirmations, etc.)

The Tones/Beats.

The main entrainment frequencies are presented in a professionally mastered environment which does not allow for errors. Each time you hear a click or pop on a recording it is actually interfering with the entrainment process.

You need at least 6 full minutes at any desired frequency to allow the brain to entrain to it (This is called the frequency following response). Any unwanted sounds that occur during presentation of the main tone actually get in the way of the entrainment process.

This holds true for all background “noises” or “soundscapes” or “music” that others may place in their recordings. It’s like listening to a person speak. When there is only one person talking you have no problem understanding, or at least hearing them.

As you add (people talking) to the equation, it becomes harder and harder to understand what the original person is saying. It’s the same thing with brainwave entrainment. Too many frequencies equal more signals getting in the way of, and disrupting the brainwave entrainment process.

The Background.

Our background is a relative of “pink noise”, its actually a combination of specific frequencies that when combined produce a uniform (steady and consistent) background that effectively cancels out much of the distracting noise that may be present when “running a session”. It is also designed to help ease the entrainment process, not work against it.

The Spoken Word.

The “spoken word” aspects of our recordings undergo a unique process that helps to make them a very effective part our system.

The “spoken word” is put through special analysis in order to confirm its quality.

A specially designed algorithm is then applied to the “spoken word” with specific effects added.

There are long “pauses” in the “spoken word” aspect of some of these recordings to allow you to reflect, imagine and internalize a new way of being and thinking. When this is combined with the BWE aspect, and the “spoken word” resumes, a “startle effect” may occur (somewhat like someone talking in your ear suddenly when you are half asleep)

To counteract this we have inserted what we call “anti-startle tones” just before each spoken word aspect resumes so that you are not startled. (This is a low tone, sometimes called a “drone” that begins quietly and softly then ends at a similar volume level to that of the spoken word itself. The Bottom Line is .

The “tones”, “backgrounds” and “spoken word” aspects are mixed together to ensure a harmonic balance of sound, science and technology. A combination that will give you the maximum effects possible.

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