14 Dec 2017 
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 How affirmations really work…
Article Affirmations are an interesting topic.

You see, there’s lots of people out there that say affirmations work and are wonderful and in reality I believe that they are right.

The problem lies in the fact that it looks like nobody out there actually knows the dynamics of affirmations, why they work, and more importantly how they work.

In real life affirmations work like this. We are told that we are useless, we are told there isn’t enough wealth to go around, we are to hold we are a failure, in fact, we are told everything.

When we are born we do not have any of these beliefs or thoughts, they are in fact given to us by others.

As you hear over and over again that you are this or you are that eventually you take it as your own. And that is where “I am” comes into play.

I’m sure you’ve heard from some very respectable sources that affirmations are a gift from above and can help you with anything.

Well this is true, but only if you understand what I stated above and proceed accordingly.

This is why traditional affirmations do not work.

What you need to do is realize that the beginning point for all of our negative thinking comes from others telling us “you are”, and when you hear it enough from others you make it your own, which of course results in “I am”, which you repeat over and over again. “I am” is where you create your reality.

Thus, here is how successful affirmations should be structured.

Have a recording where others are telling you… You are worthy, you are happy, there is enough wealth for everyone, there is love and respect for everyone… Once you hear this enough you will begin to believe it and making your own. Thus, saying… I am Happy, there is enough wealth for me, I am loved and respected.

This is the dynamic for a successful affirmations set. This is why traditional affirmations do not work.

After all, doesn’t it make sense to take a system that put us where we are and thus has proved itself successful and then simply change the content so that the results change as well?

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