14 Dec 2017 
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 Why are isochronic and monaural tones much better than binaural’s?

Here is a link to my mentors site with a brand new article with Research discussing the ineffectiveness of binaural beats…

Click here to read it


Dr. Gerald Oster, is generally recognized as the man to bring binaurals To popularity.

In a 1973 issue of Scientific American, Dr. Gerald Oster examined how Combining 2 pure tones resulted in a rhythmic beat which he called Binaural and Monaural Beats. In comparing Binaural beats against Monaural beats, Oster noted that Monaural beats were shown to elicit Extremely strong cortical responses, which is the electrical activity Responsible for entrainment. Oster concluded that while Binaural Beats produced very little neural response (because the depth of a Binaural Beat is only 3db or 1/10 the volume of a whisper), they Could be useful in diagnosing certain neurological disorders.

We currently use monaural and Isochronic (even more powerful) tones.


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